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It gives me pleasure to help, and make someone’s home warm & cozy.”
– Keith Weeks

Modular Home Skirting

We offer high quality, affordable skirting and insulation services to our Okanagan and area customers who need skirting installation or repairs. The benefits of insulating and skirting your trailer are vital throughout the winter months. Skirting is aesthetic, hiding the under-structure of your home and along with insulation, adds a barrier to keep your pipes from freezing. Skirting and insulation help in maintaining a temperature average so your floors stay warmer, and creates a great space for seasonal storage. We take care of every aspect of skirting installation, including the boarding channeling, footing for attachment or vinyl back, top and ground tracks. For extra protection to prevent frozen pipes, we wrap the pipes in heat tape. We do not use plastic for skirting. We use high quality, affordable 2 x 4 wood and smart panelling.

We also install and repair skirting for travel trailers and 5th wheels on permanent sites.

New Product Information

Available in 1-1/2″ Insulated panels
R Values as follows: R-7 (1.23)

Panels are made from:
Styrofoam: EPS Bead Board
28 Guage Galvanized Metal, None Combustible Meets ASTM123 & G90

1.5mil Stone Finish

3 year Manufacturer Limited Warranty

Underbelly Repair

The underbelly (sheeting) or bladder of your modular home needs to be in good condition in order to protect the insulation and keep out moisture, insects and rodents. Our services include replacing the entire polyethylene sheet, or repairing the existing one if possible. After a thorough inspection, we will be able to determine which route is best for you. Replacing the underbelly is not easily done, as pipes and ductwork need to be considered, plus the awkwardness of the working space makes this task difficult. We replace the existing bladder with new plywood and insulation. You can keep your home in great condition for years to come, using our experience and knowledge in preparing this under-surface for you. If needed, we will wrap your pipes with heat tape and install proper dryer venting while we are on-site.

During the winter months, your floors can get cold because in between the floor joists, the insulation drops down causing a cavity. Repairing or replacing insulation depends on the age of your home. When repairing, we lift the insulation and place 1 x 6 wood on the bottom of the floor joist. This process ensures there are no cavities for freezing air to pool and keeps your insulation solidly in place. For replacements, we cut the bladder and remove old contaminated insulation, replacing it with Roxul insulation. Roxul is made right here in BC and is made out of stone not fiberglass, is mold resistant and fire retardant. Roxul stone wool used as a continuous layer of insulation can provide the thermal efficiency required to protect the underside of your home. After applying new Roxul insulation, we push new poly into place and staple it to the floor joist, then run 1 x 6 the length of the home again also holding the insulation snuggly into place. When re-insulating, we check the heat ducting and make sure there is no damage. For wood skirting installations on manufactured homes and Recreation Vehicles, we use pressure treated lumber so if its on the ground, it is treated to sit on the ground. Pressure treated lumber adds a long-lasting element to your investment and protects your home. Securing your insulation properly and using high quality treated lumber also ensures no mice or insects infest the crawl space under your home.

Foundation Repair

If we find any damage to your foundation while we are under your home during the inspection stage, we will discuss this with you so have the option and convenience of having the repairs fixed while we are on-site.

Grants for Insulating

Although policies change frequently and are often time-limited, there may be grants available for you to re-insulate your floor. We are proud to assist our community in protecting one of the most valuable assets in life – their home.

Please call us for a consultation if you are interested in exploring money-back options.

RV Skirting

Installing or repairing recreational vehicle skirting is the same process as with manufactured homes. We add vents for air circulation under the home. Air circulation and insulating factors keep your pipes from freezing and prevents mold so homeowners do not have problems with moisture coming up from the ground. Skirting is then applied and painted to the customers specs for a professional looking curbside appeal.

Deck Building and Leveling

If we find any damage to your foundation while we are under your home during the inspection stage, we will discuss this with you so have the option and convenience of having the repairs fixed while we are on-site.

  • Deck Building and Leveling
  • Dryer Vent Installation
  • Skirting for Modular Homes, 5th Wheels and Travel Trailers
  • Heat Tape Wrapping
  • Insulation
  • Underbelly Inspections
  • Underbelly Repairs

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