Manufactured Home Leveling

Manufactured homes are leveled by a licensed installer when initially set, but often they slip out of level over time, or can be moved by ground shifts. Also, over the course of the first year, the ground around the new home settles in response to load bearing. Manufactured homes are not designed to support the weight added by renovations and additions. When the roofline in any new addition adds load into the walls of the home, a shift in the structure can result.

It is important to keep your home level, so the weight of the building is evenly distributed on its foundation and your walls and floors do not buckle. Buckling makes your doors and windows hard to operate, and cracks and bending can occur in the skirting around your home. If you find your home has become unlevel, we invite you to call us, as re-leveling probably involves more than a light tightening of the shims, and can be dangerous. We have over ten years of experience safely leveling manufactured homes, sheds, garages, and decks. We use jacks to lift your home, put in new pressure treated blocking, and check the underbelly for defects. If we find any damage while we are under your home during the leveling stage, we will discuss this with you so that you will have the option and convenience of having the repairs fixed while we are on-site. Damage to the under-structure can be caused by many things, including insects, mice, moisture and flooding.

  • Modular Home Leveling
  • Shed Leveling
  • Deck Leveling
  • Leveling Patios Due to Ground Settling
  • Garage Leveling
  • New Blocking
  • Pressure Treated Wood

We invite you to call us for a no-stress chat about how we can help you level, repair, or skirt your home.

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